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Notary Public

A Notary Public is a legally trained public officer who authenticates and certifies the execution of documents required for foreign and international business.  This usually involves the notary affixing his seal of office. After sealing the document may require legalisation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, known as an Apostille.

If you are considering emmigrating, or you are involved in the purchase of property abroad, you will require a Notary to witness your signature or certify your qualifications. You may also require a Notary if you are seeking to enforce a contract in another jurisdiction.

Notarial Services include:

  • Authenticating documents
  • Authenticating copy documents for use abroad
  • Verifying translations of documents
  • Notarisation of a ships protest
  • Protesting bills of exchange

Michael Flanigan was appointed a Notary Public in 2005.  Further details on Notarial Services are available from the websites of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and MyNotary

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